Family cleaning

Have you noticed that when the family is absent, at home it’s always clean and tidy? What harms most women is the inability to bury their relatives and get them into the family workshop – that is, how to make the man and the children scatter less, but to clean up more. The author of “The Book of the Perfect Housewife” Clare Wode writes that this can only be done by laying down specific rules that apply to the whole family. “The personal example is very important, never disregard the rules of the home,” Vood wrote. It provides exemplary rules for maintaining a clean and tidy house.

  1. Never leave uncleaned dishes.
  2. What you have dirty must be cleansed at the moment, not “after”. This applies to the bathroom, the washbasin, the dining table, the toilet. And also: If you’ve spilled something on the floor or got dirty shoes. If you break something, go back and pick it up.
  3. Put all the weared clothes immediately in the laundry basket.
  4. Determine your day of cleaning and clean together. Distribute work to fit age – the youngest children can pick up their toys and get their room cleaner, the larger ones – let go of a vacuum cleaner and wash the floor, and so on. If someone in the family prefers a job, like cleaning the sinks, let him do it. Distribute your commitments according to who the least hates to do.
  5. Everything MANDATORY after use is left in place. Violation of this rule is considered a crime and the guilty person is subject to punishment, invented and consistent with the whole household.

According to the author, Claire Wade, the schedules for sharing household chores rarely manage to work.

The toilet is not the dirtiest place in the house at all

Image of bathroomIf we rub, shine and disinfect, we need to know where it is most needed. That’s why we recall a study by the American Center for Disease Control, published 3 years ago. Labrobants have passed to 35 randomly selected homes and have taken samples of thirty sites where it is supposed to have the most bacteria.

From it, it becomes clear that nothing is actually as it seems at first glance. The floor in front of the toilet is cleaner than the kitchen counter and washbasin. The dirtiest place is under the edge of the toilet bowl – there is no surprise here. After that, the density of the bacterial colonies is the canal of the kitchen sink. Here are the wash basin and the washing sponge!

Look in the kitchen!

The kitchen counter holds fifth, and the sixth and seventh are the bathtub and faucet in the kitchen. Next to them isImage of kitchen the channel in the bathroom. The ninth is around the edge of the cat’s or dog’s bowl. At tenth – the kitchen floor. Contrary to what we know – that the keyboard is one of the most unclear places, research suggests that the home computer’s computer buttons, as well as the mouse, are pretty clean. In fact, they, as well as the remote, are among the safest places in the home – less polluted than the cutting board and the microwave knobs.


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Author: Catherine Ferguson

Hello, my name is Catherine Ferguson. I am a real estate agent and a huge football fan. In my free time I enjoy spending some precious time with my family and some with my friends as well. Hiking, fishing, talking, having BBQ in the backyard or a road trip around the country is what I like. I am not that kind of person who likes relaxing and lying on the couch in front of the TV. I adore always doing something, going, watching, noticing, getting out of my comfort zone and jumping into the unknown. The calmness is unattractive and unfamiliar, I like motion and high speeds. This is my blog, enjoy it!

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